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International Workshop "Insurance of Civil Liability for Inflicting Possible damage when Operating Hazardous Production Facilities"

Documents for the workshop

Dates and Place:

September 30 – October 1, 2014, Sochi

Expected Number and Level of Participants:

Management of the industrial safety regulatory bodies from the G8 countries and insurance associations. The number of participants is up to 100.

Info on Workshop:

The issues of safe operation of hazardous industrial facilities have not been widely reviewed in the G8 format.

The first meeting of the managers of the environmental and industrial safety regulatory bodies of the G8 countries took place in March 2006 in Moscow within Russia's G8 Presidency and was initiated by Rostechnadzor. The meeting discussed ways of improving environmental and industrial safety of energy and reducing its negative impact on the environment.

The main objective of the 2014 workshop is to compare the system and practices of insurance of hazardous industrial facilities in the G8 countries for further analysis and preparation of suggestions to modify the law of the Russian Federation on industrial safety and compulsory insurance of civil liability within Federal Law 225-FZ.

The implementation of the above law for two years indicated a series of issues the settlement of which requires considering long-term practices of the G8 countries. Among others, such issues are the procedure of investigation of events at hazardous industrial facilities, hydraulic engineering structures and lifting mechanisms, rules of cooperation between the governmental agencies when investigating accidents and incidents, actions to prevent events at hazardous industrial facilities, the order of identifying liability limits when establishing insurance requirements, and strengthening the role of expert organizations.

The Russian law on industrial safety has been significantly modified which results in weakened control and supervisory functions of the state and their substitution for economic factors. To that end, it is expected that the workshop will be attended by up to 100 representatives of the industrial safety regulatory bodies and insurance associations dealing with insurance of liability for damage during operation of hazardous industrial facilities.

The expected level of the participants is managements of the industrial safety regulatory bodies of the G8 countries and insurance associations.

A collection of the experts' reports will be released upon completion of the workshop.