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International Public Forum Dialogue “Nuclear Energy, Environment, Safety” in Moscow


The XI Public Forum Dialogue “Nuclear Energy, Environment, Safety-2016” took place on November 22 and 23, in Moscow. The event was organized jointly by Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service and the State Corporation Rosatom. The main purpose of the Forum was to acquire public recognition and support of the national nuclear power strategies from the Russian and international public through open and free exchange of information and discussion of all aspects of nuclear energy that may arouse public concern.

DSC_9864.jpgThe event was attended by over 400 people – representatives of Rostechnadzor and Rosatom, NGOs, the IAEA, the World Nuclear Association and foreign experts from Iran, India, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Belarus, Hungary and South Africa.

In his address, Rostechnadzor chairman Alexey Aleshin noted the need for better openness and transparency of the results of the functions implemented in the field of safety regulation in the use of atomic energy, for establishing a dialogue with the citizens enabling them to discuss safety issues to strengthen the trust in atomic energy.

“Taking the account of Rostechnadzor experience, I would like to advise the nuclear safety regulators of the countries embarking on nuclear energy programmes to use peer reviews to find solutions to optimization of their functions and tasks. The main thing for the supervisory bodies is not to stop where we are – there cannot be too much safety. We need to look for and use all the possible mechanisms to complete our mission – protection of the lives and health of the population and protection of the environment when we use atomic energy”, he stressed.I would like to note that I view this Forum dialogue as a significant tool of cooperation that lets us not only receive topical firsthand information in the field of the use of atomic energy, but also elaborate recommendations that will be further considered when we take important decisions, also when we implement the forthcoming reform of the control and supervisory bodies that goes on now in Russia”, Aleshin said.

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