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Alexander Rybas attended 5th Sino-Russian Dialogue on Industrial Safety


Alexander Rybas, State Secretary – Deputy Chairman of Rostechnadzor gave a welcome speech at the 5th Sino-Russian Dialogue on Industrial Safety that opened in Beijing on 12 December 2017.

Alexander Rybas told that over the last 3 years Rostechnadzor had made a sustained effort towards establishing and implementing risk-based supervision meaning tighter control over facilities that pose major hazard in terms of accident occurrence. The array of risk-based supervision tools is still being developed and plans are underway to phased transition the supervision model from static to dynamic. He noted ‘On the basis of remote supervision we could not only precisely forecast possible accidents but also give real-time recommendations to the operators on how to prevent them.’

Alexander Rybas underlined the importance of cooperation of the supervisory control bodies of Russia and China: ‘It is related to our mission of enhancing the protection of the vital interests of the individual, society and state from accidents at hazardous production facilities and their consequences, and the responsibility that rests with the two bodies as regards safety supervision.’

The participants the 5th Sino-Russian Dialogue discussed issues of industrial safety culture, up-to-date methods applied in supervisory activity, risk-based approach in supervisory activity, system of remote supervision over industrial safety in hazardous production facilities.

The first top-level meeting between the supervisory control bodies for industrial safety of Russia and China took place in Moscow in August 2002. The parties agreed to cooperate in mutual studying of the work procedures and organizational structure of the both bodies that exercise control and safety supervision over hazardous production facilities.

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