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Rostechnadzor Delegation Attends Workshop on New Challenges Facing Nuclear Regulators

29.05.2018 May 28-29, 2018. OECD/NEA HQ, Paris, France. A Rostechnadzor delegation headed by Deputy Chairman Alexey Ferapontov took part in a workshop on new challenges facing nuclear regulators conducted by the Infrastructure Development Working Group (IDWG) of the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC).
The program of the workshop included reports by invited speakers on three topical sessions as follows:
- Regulatory Approaches for New Large Reactors by Established Regulators
- Challenges in Regulating SMRs
- Challenges Facing New Regulators
The topical session on challenges in regulating SMRs featured Alexey Ferapontov’s report on Licensing of Floating Power Unit “Academician Lomonosov”.
Rostechnadzor also informed about Russian regulatory approaches for VVER-1200 designs
The workshop is attended by experts and management of regulators and industry from counties with established/developing nuclear infrastructure as well as representatives of international organizations.
IFNEC is a group of 65 countries (34 official Participants, including the Russian Federation, and 31 Observers) and International Organizations (including the OECD/NEA and the IAEA). IFNEC is committed to ensuring the developing nuclear power in the participating countries, do so efficiently and according to the highest standards of safety, security and nonproliferation. IDWG tries to address issues of retaining/developing the infrastructure necessary for a responsible nuclear power program. The emphasis is made on nuclear safety and the need for a strong, active and independent regulator.

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