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Boris Krasnykh

Appointed deputy chairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 942-r of 16.07.2007.

Born April 30, 1950.

In 1972, graduated from Artyom Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute.

1966-1968 — electromechanic at mine administration No. 160 "Donbassantratsit of the USSR Ministry of Coal Industry, Krasny Luch, Voroshilovgrad Region.

1972-1978 — engineer, mining master, senior engineer at Severnaya coal mine, Vorkuta.

1978-1981 — deputy chief engineer of Tsentralnaya Coal Mine, PO Vorkutaugol.

1981-1985 — divisional mining technical inspector, head of inspection at USSR Gosgortechnadzor Pechora District Administration, Vorkuta.

1985-1990 — deputy department manager, chief engineer-deputy head of USSR Gosgortechnadzor Engineering Department.

1990-1991 — head of USSR Gospromatomnadzor Master Analytical Department.

1991-1999 — head of RSFSR Gosgortechnadzor General Engineering Department.

1999-2004 — deputy head of Gosgortechnadzor of Russia.

2004-07.2007 — head of department for supervision of general industrial hazardous facilities, head of department for supervision of oil and gas development and processing facilities and main pipeline transport of Federal Enviromental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.